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Most equate the American Dream with
prosperity. What does prosperity mean to you?

Webster defines prosperity as : the condition of
being successful or thriving; especially :
economic well-being.
Nothing wrong with that, right?

But what happens when a nation becomes
addicted to prosperity? Epidemic obesity?
Hoarding? Excessive Debt? Wall Street
Crashes? Struggling education systems? Pill
popping? Environmental disasters? War and
innocent victims worldwide?

By exclaiming "American Dream, Global
Nightmare", we are trying to start a
conversation; one in which we ask ourselves
many important questions. We are not
unpatriotic, rather we recognize how blessed
we are in this nation to have all that we do,
but wonder, how many people go without so
that we can have so much? By selling stickers
that say "American Dream, Global Nightmare"
we are trying to start a revolution; one in
which Americans can redefine our place in the
world as one of peaceful not just prosperous,
mindful not just material, philanthropic not
just plundering.  

Consider the following....


For many resources, the United States of
America is the world's largest consumer in
absolute terms. For a list of 20 major traded
commodities, it takes the greatest share of 11 of
them: corn, coffee, copper, lead, zinc, tin,
aluminum, rubber, oil seeds, oil and natural
gas. For many more it is the largest per-capita
consumer. (Source:
American Association for
the Advancement of Science.)


* The United States constitutes 4 per cent of the
world population

* American's are responsible for a quarter of all
carbon dioxide emissions - an average of 40,000
pounds of carbon dioxide is released by each
US citizen every year - the highest of any
country in the world, and more than China,
India and Japan combined

* Americans use 50 million tons of paper
annually - consuming more than 850 million

* Every year US industries release at least 2.4
billion pounds of chemicals into the atmosphere

* Despite having just 2 per cent of known oil
reserves, the US consumes 25 per cent of the
world's oil production

* 16 per cent of world oil production goes into
American cars alone.

* More than 1.5 million gallons of oil were
spilled into US waters in 2000 alone

* Only 1 per cent of American travel is on
public transport, an eighth of that in the UK
and an eighteenth of that in Japan

* The average American produces 864kg of
municipal waste per year, almost three times
the quantity of rubbish produced annually by
an Italian (Source:
Common Dreams)


* The cost of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq
have cost the average American household
approximately $10,000. (Source:
Priorities Project)

* There are an average of 950 suicide attempts
each month by veterans who are receiving some
type of treatment from the Veterans Affairs
Department. Seven percent of the attempts are
successful, and 11 percent of those who don’t
succeed on the first attempt try again within
nine months. (Source:
Army Times)


* According to the National Adult Literacy
Survey, 42 million adult Americans can't read;
50 million can recognize so few printed words
they are limited to a 4th or 5th grade reading
level; one out of every four teenagers drops out
of high school, and of those who graduate, one
out of every four has the equivalent or less of
an eighth grade education.

*The scores from the 2006 Program for
International Student Assessment showed that
U.S. 15-year-olds trailed their peers from many
industrialized countries. The average science
score of U.S. students lagged behind those in
16 of 30 countries in the Organization for
Economic Cooperation and Development, a
Paris-based group that represents the world's
richest countries. The U.S. students were
further behind in math, trailing counterparts in
23 countries. (Source:
Washington Post)


* More money per person is spent on health
care in the United States than in any other
nation in the world, and a greater percentage of
total income in the nation is spent on health
care in the U.S. than in any United Nations
member state except for East Timor.  Despite the
fact that not all citizens are covered, the United
States has the third highest public health care
expenditure per capita. A 2001 study in five
states found that medical debt contributed to
62% of all personal bankruptcies. Since then,
health costs and the numbers of uninsured and
underinsured have increased. (Source:

*  Obesity is a major risk factor for
cardiovascular disease, certain types of cancer,
and type 2 diabetes. During the past 20 years
there has been a dramatic increase in obesity in
the United States. In 2009, only Colorado and
the District of Columbia had a prevalence of
obesity less than 20%. (Source:
Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention)

The statistics could go on and on.
Tired of being scared and angry?

Wake up! You're having a bad dream...
Waking Up...

Start at home.
You can only control yourself.
Teach your children the same.

Redefine the "American Dream" to
include such concepts as community
and compassion, not only for others,
but for the Earth and all its


Recognize that every time you spend
money you are speaking to your
values. Buying products that come
from local sources is the best way to
value your community.

Learn to trust yourself and not
become a victim of propaganda.
Whether from Washington D.C.,
Hollywood, or the pharmaceutical
companies, most messages are
constructed to incite fear. Fear of not
having enough, not being pretty
enough, not doing enough. Listen to
your inner voice, listen to your body;
what does it tell you?


Natural law is one of abundance.
One seed can yield much fruit. There
is no need to be greedy. What seeds
are you planting?


Rather than tell yourself, "Oh well,
there is always someone worse off
than myself." Ask yourself, "How can
I share my good fortune to make the
life of someone else blessed?"
Act upon your answer.


Read more, watch TV less.
Get untangled from the
World Wide Web.

Know your own strength. If the flap
of a butterfly's wings can change the
weather, then your efforts can change
the world.


Educate yourself so that you can
educate others. Ignorance is not bliss,
it is destructive and dangerous.

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