It's often quite confusing to people how to tie all these keywords and phrases into useful and practical
terms. I like to use metaphors when explaining how astrology works - Look at the planets as the actors
and / or situations within a play, the signs as the script and the houses as the stage and / or setting. If
that doesn't work for you try imagining within the sentence structure of your life the planets as the verb,
the signs as the adjectives and the houses as the nouns.

Fire Signs
Spiritual power, impulse (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) (Yang+)

Earth Signs
Materialism (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)(Yin-)

Air Signs
Intellectuality (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)(Yang+)

Water Signs
Spiritual and psychic qualities, emotion (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)(Yin-)
Fire and Air (Yang) signs are always found opposite of one another, as are Earth and Water (Yin).

The modalities explain the basic qualities of the signs in terms of their movement.

Cardinal Signs
Outward Movement / Enterprising & goal oriented (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)

Fixed Signs
Inward Movement / Unyielding to outside influences (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)

Mutable Signs
Spiral Movement / Adaptable & Changeable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)

The following is a very basic list of keywords and concepts for the
planets, signs and houses within their realm of
rulership. Each individual will have all the planets and all the signs intermingled and dancing through different houses of
their chart, all of which depend upon the time, date and location of your birth. As Carl Jung put it so simply. "Whatever is
born or done in a moment of time, has the qualities of this moment of time."

Dynamic energy, passion, assertiveness, desires, courage, enterprise, enthusiasm, friction, destructiveness, audacity.

Self-esteem, initiating, pioneering, thrives on new experiences, courage, enterprising, temperamental

1st House
Beginnings, early environment, outer personality, physical body, self awareness

Attraction, cohesion, coalition, personal love, social instincts and activities, sense of beauty, harmony, artistic ability, grace,

Determined, resourceful, enduring, understands the power of the voice, sensuality.
Obstinacy, argumentative.

2nd House
Finance, freedom given by money, values

Reason, intellectuality, self-expression of all kinds; speaking, writing, gestures; knowledge through reason, eloquence,
literary ability, dexterity

Talkative, literary, strong sense of duality, versatile, adaptable, flexible, superficial, quick-witted

3rd House
General Communication, short journeys, siblings, community

Personality, imagination, instinctual mind, emotions, phases, women, daily habits, nurturing

Love of home, impressionable, nurturing, sympathetic, sensitive, often lives in the past, emotional

4th House
The home, more nurturing parent, emotional foundation, midnight self

Individuality, what one really is, vitality, will, chief ambitions, men, generosity, dignity, heart center, arrogance, ostentation

Vibrant, creative in self expression, affectionate, loyal, dignified, strong leadership qualities, cruel, overbearing, vane,

5th House
Pleasure, children, creative self expression, romance

Represents "intellect" versus "communication" in Gemini

Service oriented, sharp mentality, discriminating, analytical, studious, hygienic, pure, critical, concerned with health

6th House
Service, relations with employers and employees, health and sickness

Represents "our values" versus "my values" in Taurus

Capacity for partnership, artistic, balanced, diplomatic, courteous, indecisive, discerning taste

7th House
Partnership, marriage, the public, open enemies

Renewing, enlivening, breaking open, germinating, erupting, reorganizing, provoking, transition, regeneration,
clairvoyance, motivation to strive for spiritual power, force, defiance, death, destruction, fanaticism, struggle, self undoing

Sexual, healing, powerful. mysterious, regenerative, secretive, passionate, willful, vindictive, jealous, understanding of the
secret forces of nature

8th House
Sexuality, cause of death, regeneration, taxes (what we owe), cycles

Expansion, vision, optimism, ideals, spiritual tendencies, benevolence, broad-mindedness, executive ability, legal ability,
respect for law, charity, reverence, indulgence, popularity, success, extravagance, indolence

Aspiring, idealistic, religious, philosophical, generous, love of out-door life and athletics, gregarious, over-confidence,
dogmatic, deep connection with animals, strong sense of justice

9th House
Higher mind, education, religion, philosophy, justice, long journeys

Contraction, persistence, caution, faithfulness, stability, order, form , deliberation, responsibility, conservatism,
endurance, discipline, crystallization, obstruction, limitation, melancholy, pessimism

Concerned with position, honorable, ambitious, organized, cautious, practices authority, rigid, prideful, unforgiving

10th House
Profession, standing in community, the dominant parent, legacies

The Awakener; altruism, inventiveness, originality, sudden action, unconventionality, progressive, universal love of
humanity, independence, liberty, intuition, bohemian, eccentricity

Humanitarian, natural at science and technology, needs friendship, unusual, unique, practices detached love, impractical

11th House
Friends, hopes, and wishes, humanity

Metaphysical entities, divinity, occultism, knowledge from sources above reason, spirituality, intuition, inspiration,
clairvoyance, prophecy, devotion, music, delusions, chaotic mental conditions

Sensitiveness to metaphysical influences, sense of unity with all life, mystical, ripe destiny, flowing, intuitive, inspiring,
compassionate, renunciation. Psychic negativeness, lack of confidence, secretiveness, procrastination, sorrow.

12th House
Karma, limitations, confinement, secrecy, mysticism
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